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Origin Tactical Solutions

SP.22 System

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The SP.22 (Scout Pivot) System, also known as the Scout Pivot .22 Caliber Target System, is a perfect accuracy testing, dueling tree-style system without the gravity enforcing target flips. The patented Hex Pivots behind the plate make this system unique. The magnet design allows the target to climb a hill and fall back into a valley, secured by a magnetic force. With this system, you don't have to worry about gravity-enforced dueling trees leaving your target sitting behind the plate, unable to shoot. This system is one of a kind and can hang on either one of our four MTB systems. 

This system comes  AS IS  with no MTB unless selected.

Please allow 2-3 Weeks for the manufacturing of your order before shipment confirmation. We will reach out to confirm your order and give you a better insight into the arrival date.