Origin Target Systems

Origin Target Systems began as a passion project among the firearm
enthusiasts of the company, quickly becoming a division of its own
within the organization. It stemmed from a desire not to simply follow
the pack in producing the same old firearm or chasing the newest
flavor of the week. Our aim is to truly innovate on not only tried and
tested designs, but to push the boundaries on innovative products.


Safety Guide - Origin Tactical

Shooting steel is an exhilarating activity to do with new shooters and experienced shooters. The action of shooting steel has to be taken seriously with safety. Knowing what kind of steel you are shooting at and what kind of calibers you are shooting at that kind of steel is essential in practicing safe shooting actions. If you are new to shooting steel or a pro, please consider reviewing our safety catalog. Click the button below to look over our Safety Guide.

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MTB Ultralight Configuration Setup

MTB X Ultralight Configuration Setup

MTB Standard Configuration Setup

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