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Origin Target Systems

Modular Target Base Standard (MTB)

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The Modular Target Base Standard (MTB) is made of durable steel which makes it resistant to wear, providing extended use and optimal target practice. The MTB provides a stable base for both stationary and moving targets, making it ideal for shooters of all levels. With its superior steel target plate and superior construction, the MTB is the optimal choice for target practice. Our Modular Target Base (MTB) is perfect for all shooters. Its nimble configuration makes it easy for carrying into the field and storage.

All MTBs come with a 2x4 post cap, 3/8" AR500 Orange 4" Gong, and (2) Post Adapters for paper target attachments.

*Please allow 2-3 Weeks for shipping confirmation as orders are manufactured.*

DIMENSIONS: 48"L in the Carry Position