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Origin Target Systems

Modular Target Base Standard (MTB)

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Looking for a versatile and reliable target base for your shooting range or outdoor shooting practice? Look no further than the Modular Target Base (MTB) from Origin Tactical Solutions!

Crafted from durable and rugged materials, this MTB is built to withstand heavy use and abuse, whether you're shooting handguns or rifles. The MTB is easy to set up and take down, making it perfect for use in the field, at the range, or even in your own backyard.

One of the best features of the MTB is its modular design, which allows you to customize your target setup to suit your needs. With the ability to add or remove target stands and crossbars, you can easily switch between shooting drills or use multiple targets at once.

The MTB also features adjustable legs, which means you can easily level the base on uneven terrain. And with its compact size and lightweight design, the MTB is easy to transport and store when not in use.

Whether you're a seasoned shooter or just getting started, the Modular Target Base from Origin Tactical Solutions is an essential tool for your shooting practice. So why wait? Order your MTB today and take your shooting game to the next level!

All MTBs come with a 2x4 post cap, 3/8" AR500 Orange 4" Single Hole Gong, and (2) Post Adapters for paper target attachments.

Please allow up to 2-3 Weeks for shipping confirmation as orders are manufactured. You will be contacted right away with an order confirmation and anticipated timeline. 

DIMENSIONS: 48"L in the Carry Position