How Close Can I Shoot Steel Targets?

How Close Can I Shoot Steel Targets?

Shooting steel targets requires a safe and appropriate setup–learn what distance to shoot from.

If you want to operate a gun safely and effectively, practice is essential. Target practice gives you the ability to learn more about a weapon and will help you to gain mastery while shooting different kinds of guns. In the modern world, more people are migrating toward steel targets for shooting practice. Since these targets are different from other popular alternatives, it is important to know the right distance for shooting. In this article, we will discuss what distance to shoot from when practicing with steel targets.

Shooting Steel Targets: What to Know for Setup

There are many important factors to consider when safely practicing with a weapon. However, distance is one of the most important considerations with steel targets. You want to choose the right distance for your own safety and the longevity of the product too. Let’s consider what this looks like in action.

Factors That Influence Distance

Practicing your shooting is an experience that will differ based on the type of gun that you intend to shoot. In fact, the distance you shoot from will vary from one weapon to the next. This is something you will want to be aware of before you practice so you can adapt to protect yourself and any others that might be with you. The distance can also be determined based on your own preference–but it is never advised to shoot targets closer than the minimum recommended distance.

Minimum Safe Shooting Distance for Different Gun Types

The distance that is appropriate for safe shooting will vary based on the type of gun that you use. Handguns offer the shortest distance safely, allowing you to shoot your steel target from 12 to 15 yards away. This is then followed by shotguns, which can be used from 25 yards away. Rifles are where the distance really changes–these guns should aim for targets that are 100 yards away or more.

Choosing the Right Distance 

It is very important to choose the right distance, but the right distance is not always based on gun type. Some guns might have factors that influence the safe shooting distance, which is why you should consult the user manual or company website to determine if a minimum safe distance is recommended. Always follow the gun’s guide above all else–it is there for a reason.

The Takeaway

There are many reasons why people love shooting steel targets, but it does come with a few safety considerations. Before you start shooting, take time to determine what the minimum safe distance is for you. While distance is important, remember that there are many other considerations that go into safe shooting. Always be sure to follow the best practices and guidelines for safe shooting!