How to Hang Steel Targets

How to Hang Steel Targets

Hanging steel targets are an exciting and engaging way to practice shooting. However, making sure they’re installed and positioned correctly is important for several reasons. The most important of those is for safety. Having them securely mounted will make them less likely to fall or swing unexpectedly, which will reduce the risk of accidents and other injuries. 

While safety is the primary concern, there are other things to consider when hanging your steel targets. Making sure your shooting steel is hung properly can also extend the life of your targets, and make sure that the enjoyment at the range can last a long time. Remember to inspect the targets for damage or wear after each shooting session, and replace as necessary. 

Use the Proper Target & Location

Selecting the right target is imperative, as it’s important to select shooting steel that is specifically designed for the activity. Targets made of AR500 or AR550 steel will be durable enough to withstand repeated impacts. It’s also important to make sure you have a safe and appropriate shooting area to hang the targets. Important consideration should be taken to find a suitable backdrop, as well as no obstructions behind the targets. It should also be a sufficient distance for shooting. 

It’s important to maintain a safe shooting distance as recommended by the manufacturer of the target. This will help to ensure that bullet fragments won’t pose a danger to both shooters and spectators. Make sure the targets are hanging at the right height to provide proper visibility for the shooters. This correct positioning will allow the shooters to clearly see and engage with the targets – which boosts focus and accuracy.

Test Your Setup’s Strength

After getting the right targets and location, you have to safely prepare the mounting system. There are a number of ways to hang steel targets, but one common method is to use chains or other sturdy mounting kits. Make sure these chains or mounting kits are designed for steel targets. The chains or mounts should be strong enough to handle the weight and force of the target. The target stand should also be safe, secure, and properly aligned. 

If you’re using chains to attach the target, connect one end to the top of the target and the other to the stand or another suitable hanging point. The chains should be properly tensioned, allowing the target to move just slightly upon impact. The target should also be positioned downward at a soft angle (usually around 15 degrees) to prevent ricochets. Again, it’s important to test the setup before firing. Giving it a gentle tap will show if the target wobbles or experiences excessive movement on impact. Make sure to readjust the chains or the stand itself to get the right stability.

Getting the right targets in the right place can be a crucial aspect of enjoying your time spent on the shooting rage. Safety is the main focus, but the appropriate mounting systems can enhance your experience. For more information, reach out to the experts at Original Tactical Solutions today.