What Kind of Steel is Used for Shooting Targets?

What Kind of Steel is Used for Shooting Targets?

Compared to other shooting targets, steel targets offer many advantages you’ll notice immediately. But what kind of steel goes into these targets, and why should you make the switch to steel?

Learn more about steel shooting targets and why they’re better than other types. If you’re looking for durable steel shooting targets that can help you reach the next level of skill and enjoyment, take a look at the collection of Origin Target Systems targets today. 

What Kind of Steel is Used for Shooting Targets?

The steel in shooting targets has to be tough enough to stand up to a bullet’s impact without warping, pitting, or getting damaged. Steel targets are made of steel with the right amount of carbon and alloys. The steel used to create shooting targets goes through a unique heating and cooling process that guarantees a specific hardness rating. In most cases, steel targets are made out of AR500 or AR550 hardened steel. 

Steel shooting target thickness depends on the type of ammunition being fired. Steel plates ¼” thick can handle low-velocity ammunition. Large handgun rounds require steel plates that are at least ⅜” thick, and higher velocity rifle rounds require ½” steel plates for safe shooting.

Why Should I Shoot Steel?

 Steel is a game-changer for most people. Because it’s steel,  it’s durable–that’s a given. But steel targets also offer a lot of other benefits you might not think of right away. Here are three of the reasons you should consider a steel target.

1. More training environments

    Setting up targets can be difficult in locations with hills, dunes, or any kind of elevation. Setting stands further back is dangerous because it raises the risk of ricocheting bullets. But using a shooting system with a steel target lets you make the most of your environment safely. You’ll also be able to practice shooting safely from unconventional positions and unknown distances. 

    2. Precision

      While some people may think of steel targets as “hit or miss,” this just isn’t correct. Steel targets with moving parts will change how you train–and can push you to a new level of accuracy. Targets with moving parts can be used for precision rifle shooting and defensive pistol practice.

      And moving targets give you a chance to hone new skills because they offer realism that cardboard or paper just can’t match. Targets absorb the bullet’s energy and spin or move, making it even harder to hit the next time–which can help you develop your shooting skills even more. 

      3. More rounds downrange

        It’s likely you don’t get as much range time as you’d like anyway. So why spend some of that precious time adjusting your flimsy targets? Using a steel target lets you keep shooting without having to take breaks to set up or do repairs over and over. Whether you’re using a rifle or a pistol, a steel target is the best choice if you want to spend more time shooting and less time setting up your target. 

        Find Steel Shooting Targets

        Steel shooting targets can be a game-changer that can help you improve your accuracy fast. Explore the collection at Origin Target Systems today for the best selection of high-quality steel shooting targets.