What Kinds of Targets Are Ideal for Rifle Shooting?

What Kinds of Targets Are Ideal for Rifle Shooting?

Target practice creates more familiarity for gun owners—learn which targets to use for your rifle.

Rifles are one of the more popular weapon types available, and they can offer a very unique shooting experience, even from one rifle to the next. Since these experiences can vary, it is important to spend plenty of time practicing with these weapons to gain and maintain proficiency. 

Whether you are shooting targets to keep your skills sharp or you simply want to have a little fun, choosing the right targets can have a big impact on your experience. Let’s explore what kinds of targets we offer for practicing with rifles.

Choosing the Right Target Options for Practicing With a Rifle

The ideal target is easy to see and built to last. Fortunately, Origin Tactical Solutions offers plenty of targets that will work well with rifles and offer a great shooting experience. These targets can be used with other types of weapons and are designed to help support you in achieving your training goals.   

Standard Targets

Our standard targets are available in different colors and come with some general shapes. Available in many different sizes, these targets offer a simple and consistent shooting experience. They are perfect for regular practice if you are just looking for something very basic and easy to see. 

Themed Targets

Shooting practice should always be managed with care, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a little fun too. Our themed targets are designed to offer a fun and engaging experience that will bring a little extra life to your next target practice session. 

The themes we offer are available to suit a wide range of interests. From aliens and goblins to dinosaurs and yetis, we provide you with all kinds of fun and interesting targets to liven up your shooting practice. They can be even more enjoyable when practicing with friends and family!

Specialty Targets

Many people practice shooting for fairly specific reasons. From home defense to hunting, everyone has their own reasons for gaining proficiency. Fortunately, specialty targets can help to support these interests.

With specialty targets, people can practice shooting very specific targets. For example, hunters might enjoy shooting at bison or bird targets. Tactical experts may prefer shooting at life-size doors or other highly specific targets. We accommodate various practice scenarios with targets that are easy to see and made to help you to achieve your goals.

The Takeaway

The right target can make all the difference when training with a weapon. Whether you are looking for AR500 targets or just something funny to aim for, we are happy to help you tailor your practice sessions in a way that suits you. To learn more about what we offer, explore our target collections today!